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Assistant Manager

Manuelito Adiprasetya

Assistant Manager

Manuelito Pascal

Manuelito Pascal is an Assistant Manager at Panasean, focusing on execution of deals across a wide range of sectors. Prior to Panasean, Manuelito worked in KPMG’s restructuring team, where he’s supported the financial restructurings of some of Indonesia’s Largest State Owned Enterprises during the height of COVID-19 Pandemic, with combined debt exposure of over USD 4 billion.

During his time at KPMG, he provided pre and post-restructuring services including 5-year business plan and restructuring scheme preparation, independent business reviews, financial due dilligence, divestment monitoring, and more.

His experience spans multiple sectors including the Manufacturing, Consumer, Aviation, Energy and Financial services sectors.

Manuelito is also a CFA charterholder.

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